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1. 10.01.2022 Bnei-Brak
A large design firm is looking for a highly qualified marketing, advertising and sales specialist.
Job Objectives:
Managing the company's marketing and advertising online and offline, while constantly monitoring statistics and results and changing course of action if necessary.
Creation of relevant and high-quality leads from people interested in the company's services.
Creation of the company's brand and maintenance in all existing social networks
Creating a proper flow between the various products of the company in accordance with the "marketing funnel" divided into introductory, base and main product.
Job Description
Manage existing mailing lists, customers who have been in contact with the company in the past and who have received services, in order to create additional business requests.
Advertising on various platforms, preparation of introductory products in order to attract a new audience and generate new business requests. This includes website and landing page setup, organic and sponsored promotion, social media management, mailing and mailing list management, relevant surveys, etc.
Job Responsibilities:
Building a marketing and branding strategy for the company
Creation of company products - content writing, surveys, free introductory products, basic small services, and the main product of the company.
Customer Database Management - Newsletter and WhatsApp Groups
Google Ads
Creation of a company website and SEO promotion
Facebook management and promotion
Graphics - Video & Photo Editing
YouTube channel management
Manage marketing activities with customers and suppliers offline
Creation of possible cooperation and subsequent relationships with firms
A valuable end product (what you need to create in your work) is an effective and successful business as a result of the actions of the marketer, which increases the value and visibility of elements in various media and thus leads to relevant and high-quality business results and continuously increases business revenue from month to month. By marketing strategy.

direct employment
7-16, 5 days a week
Travel payment
Full social package
Perfect Hebrew is a must!
For Israeli citizens only